Load and unload shipments onto trucks, containers or other modes of transport

We offer you access to a worldwide network of best quality control professionals to inspect your shipment.

We are the world’s leading B2B inspection marketplace, where quality control professionals and buyers meet online to optimize their supply chains, and contribute to lowering the inspection industry’s carbon footprint.

Do you struggle to understand what shipping documents mean for your shipment? Don’t you know how to take care of them? We are here to help you out and explain what important shipping documents you might encounter or need to consider when shipping your freight.

While most of these documents are mandatory, some of them depend on the type of cargo you are shipping as well as the location you are shipping from and to. So, it is important to know which documents are required for your shipment before you start shipping. When you buy certain shipment services from us, we make sure to ask you for the documents you need. That way shipping becomes easier for you!

Customs regulations are continuously evolving, so understanding the customs charges applicable to your shipment is very important. In the current cost-of-living crisis, avoiding unnecessary customs charges is just one of the many crucial steps you can take to securing your business financially. 

Our intuitive logistics platform can help arrange and facilitate your custom clearance process, providing step-by-step guidance, local experience and global expertise. When it comes to customs charges, we’ll also ensure you’re paying the right amount and lowering costs wherever possible.

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